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5 Signs That Roof Replacement Is In Your Future

Wondering when to replace roof shingles? Residential roof replacement is something that many Nebraska homeowners face during their time owning a home. From minor cracks to shingle replacement, repairs are a common resolution to roofing problems. However, it is important to know the signs that your roof is completely beyond a patch up and requires a roof replacement by a professional. Knowing these five signs can help you get a new roof replaced faster and keep your family comfortable knowing that a sturdy roof rests over their heads.

1. How Old is Your Roof?

Even though a roof is built to last, it is not built to last a lifetime. After you have purchased your home, determine when the roof was installed last replaced or re-shingled. So the next logical question is, how often should I replace my roof? The average roof needs to be replaced every 20-25 years.

Simply knowing that your roof is past its “due date” or is approaching it, is enough for you to schedule an inspection and begin preparations for a replacement.

2. Is Your Roof Sagging?

A sagging roof is a huge safety issue for the people living under it. In this situation, your roof could actually collapse. This actually points to even larger problems involved with your home like foundation issues or structural problems. Only a professional will be able to determine your exact problem. So, if you notice that your roof is dipping, get in touch with us today!

3. Sunlight Can Be Seen in Your Attic

It is always a great idea to inspect your roof on a regular basis. One of the items on your checklist should be to inspect the atticof your home. If you go up into the attic and notice rays of light flowing through your roof, you may have some roof replacement plans ahead of you.

Other common roofing problems to look out for in the attic or on top of the actual roof include:

  • Soft spots on the roof,

  • Moisture in the insulation of your attic.

Both of these are signs of significant problems that are beyond standard residential roof repair.

4. Moss Growth

While every homeowner has the desire to show off some lush landscaping, having said shrubbery growing on your roof poses a problem. When moss begins to form on your rooftop, this is usually a problem that goes ignored. However, moss has the ability to form a thick surface that holds excess moisture on your roof. This damages your shingles and so does the removal process if done too late.

5. Damage to Your Roof Valleys

Leaks in the roof are a signal that there is a problem with your roof valleys. Your roof valleys are the portion of your roof that move rain and snow into your gutters. After years of use, they will most likely develop some wear and begin to spring some serious leaks. A professional roofing company will be able to help you determine what is going on with your roof and if you do, in fact, need a roof replacement.

Village Exteriors

Noticing any of the above signs in your roof should set off some red flags. Don’t wait and think the problem will be fine unresolved. Schedule an exception with Village Exteriors today. We are a team of professional residential and commercial roofers that know our industry inside-out. We look forward to inspecting your property and explaining how our services can help you!

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